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Energy and finding an optimum way to manage it have been always of the main challenges at national and international levels. What we need to implement energy management and planning is a flow of continuous scientific researches and skillful experts to manage energy sources.


The purpose of the School of Industrial Engineering and Systems covers the both needs (training the experts and conducting researchers in the field of energy at national level). To meet the second need the Institute of Research in Energy Management and Planning was established in 2003, which carries out research works with support of the Ministry of Power. The institute is licensed by Development Council of Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology.


During the 10 years after establishment, the institute has completed tens of projects commissioned by pertinent bodies in fields of energy management, economy of energy, energy productivity, accumulation of energy data in energy modeling, state of the art technologies, and energy policy-making.


The institute has held about 200 days training courses in different fields.

Heads of the institute since the establishment are:

Dr. Seyed Farid Ghaderi (2003-2007)

Dr. masoud Rabani (2007-2013)

Dr. Seyed Farid Ghaderi (2013 up to now)


In 2012, an MBA-Energy Management program was designed in this institute. The program was implemented by Iranian professors and experts in 2013.


The institute has also supported tens of M.S. and PhD dissertations in the pertinent fields.

The first conference of energy management and planning was held by this institute in the campus of College of Engineering with large attendance of experts at national level.


Based on the cooperation agreement entered between Iran National Standard Organization and the institute, introduction of training courses and technical services in energy sector in the institute is predicted.




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