Master's program

Students of Master's program can continue their studies in fields such as advanced industrial engineering and analyses of industrial/service systems.
The graduates of socio-economic systems will be able to design, analyze, and improve social and economic structures. Energy systems discipline is exclusively introduced in School of Industrial Engineering. The students can also continue their studies in operations research. The faculty is also planning to introduce economic planning and transportation planning in near future.
Also, MBA has been introduced in School of Industrial Engineering since 2005.
Graduates of logistics and supply chain engineering are experts in management, planning, and designing logistic systems.
The main courses of the program are:
Principle of logistics and supply chain, analyzing and designing logistic systems, analytical supply chain, designing and configuration of supply chain, and management of contractors.
School of Industrial Engineering started its works in 2013 by admitting 10 students for fall semester.
Furthermore, project management –gas and petroleum branch– was initiated in 2013 by admitting 25 students for fall semester. The program focuses more on gas and petroleum projects, given that many candidate students for the program are from gas and petroleum projects background.
Another discipline to be introduced in near future in Master's program is management of facilities and equipment.