Industrial Engineering

    The fast growth of technology and scientific development along with increasingly complicated systems, development of products and services from quantity, quality, and variety viewpoints need something more than the engineering disciplines to meet all the issues the organizations encounter with. To deal with the problem, recently a trend of combining different fields of administrative, technological, and economic discipline and modeling, engineering computation, and industrial engineering has been initiated.

    Industrial engineering is at the heart of the systems that are essential to modern industrial and service organizations. Graduates of this program can bring in solutions for improving the system performance of airlines, retailers, hospitals, banks, telecommunication companies, freight services, socio-economic systems, and in general any complicated system of human forces, and information technology.

   There are plenty of job opportunities for the graduates of industrial engineering, which are growing with expansion of businesses and development of systems. Industrial engineers have been engaged in variety of jobs in production, services, transportation, health and treatment systems, finance and energy sectors and so on.